Church Staff Group Health Insurance is a Little Different

Churches are unique small businesses. The most common church office employs fewer than 25 people, and is a non-profit company. That makes church staff group health insurance a little different than your average small business health safety. Several agencies actually offer separate and specific plans for churches. These plans take into consideration the tax status as well as the fact that most church employees are older and may have more extensive medical histories.

Several of the larger denominations of churches actually provide safety through their governing religious organization. Churches who are in good standing with their national organizations can purchase health insurance with lower premiums because they are essentially buying into an umbrella coverage. In effect, the national organization acts as a large business and folds the smaller churches into its health insurance plans.

If you need to purchase church staff group insurance for a small church that does not have the luxury of a large affiliate health program, there are many options available. Even though the cost of insurance may seem daunting at first, remember that it is far more expensive to cover an unexpected medical procedure than to pay monthly premiums.

Sometimes a church congregation will feel that it is their responsibility to make sure the church staff has health insurance coverage. Many congregation-led churches make it part of their stewardship efforts to find reasonably priced coverage for their ministers and staff. There are resources online to help any church group find the coverage that best suits their needs and compare pricing.

When you purchase church staff group insurance, spend some time talking with a qualified agent. There will be coverage issues that are directly related to the church's tax status, and to the medical history of the staff. Take the time to fully explain your staff's needs with an agent who can create a package that will best suit your church.

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