How to Look For Health Insurance When I Have Zero Income

During economy hardship, possessing a health insurance plan is indeed important. But if you fail to obtain job based medical plan due to retrenchment and unemployment, what should you do? You are advised to look for cheap or free medical coverage available in the market.

Here are some tips to guide you to search for this type of insurance.

  • You can inquire about Medicaid. It is provided by the state government for low income individuals and families, especially for children and senior citizens. You can either visit your local Medicaid office or go online to find out your eligibility.
  • You can also visit any public health clinic near your house to obtain information related to low cost or complimentary healthcare plans. There are many free brochures and pamphlets that you can bring home. You should take your time to read the details and contact the recommended service providers on your own.
  • Beside clinic, another place for you to get relevant information is through the local social services office. If you feel inconvenient to go there personally, you may contact them through phone.
  • While you are in the middle of searching for medical coverage, you must also make sure that you take care of your health properly. Having a healthy lifestyle without drinking alcohol and smoking is indeed important especially when you are not covered by medical plan.

In short, if you have zero income during economy downturn, do not worry. You still have chance to be protected financially by getting yourself cheap or free healthcare plan. The most important thing is NEVER IGNORE this plan.

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